Chapter Seven: Incriminating Evidence (from Conquest: A #LitRPG Story)

As promised, here’s the seventh chapter of Conquest: A LitRPG Story! The Pre-Order is available now on Amazon for only 99 cents. Pre-Order your copy today at

And God blessed man, and God said unto them, I have fortified this world against the influence of the Leviathan. Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over every living thing that moveth upon it…

– Methuselah 6:17 –


Modeled after the Medieval Era, Timur’s entire penthouse reminded him of his earlier livelihood. Every expense had been made to beautify and perfect it with handmade crown moldings, hand sown curtains, and carefully crafted furniture. Every room was decked out to look like a palace fit for a king.

He stared out at the brilliant orange reflection on the water as the sun continued to rise. It was about 7:52 AM, and the morning traffic was just beginning to fill the streets below. It wouldn’t be long now before someone would find Jason’s body, and the police would begin an investigation. Having stepped through his own shadow, he was able to return to his penthouse instantaneously. At any moment he knew that his Chief Operations Officer would be arriving with the company’s Daily Brief.

As he sat on his porch, he inserted the thumb drive that he had taken from Jason into a small bluetooth-looking device. The thumb drive was of a peculiar design, with little patches of blue that had been painted on the white background. It was shaped like a trash can with a half-spherical lid and feet sticking out the bottom. Now that he studied it, he realized that it looked like some silly robot from the nineteen-eighties.

He attached the small device to his right ear, and smoothed out a rolled-up keyboard on the table. After pressing a button on the device, a screen projected onto the far wall. He opened the contents of the thumb drive, and to his relief the drive hadn’t been password protected. There were two files. The first was a surveillance video taken nearly five years ago. Timur watched the scene in horror.

How did he get this?

As he watched the old footage, he recognized himself aiming his gun at the late NSA agent Michael Thornton.

“But I did everything you asked!” Michael panicked with his hands raised high above his head in surrender, “I presented your blueprints as my own, and they took the bait! We’re in the Beta testing stage now!”

“Yes, you served your purpose well.” Timur watched himself smile as he cocked his gun, “But I can’t take any chances. I’ve worked too hard for this. Letting you live is too much of a risk.”

Michael turned to flee, but it was too late. A gunshot rang out, and Michael’s body spun from the force of the bullet and he collapsed in a bloody heap.

Timur stared at the blank screen in shock for several minutes.

Who else has seen this footage?!

He was irate as he opened the second file stored on the thumb drive. As he had suspected, they were the blueprints he had drafted many years ago for the Gamma-Frequency Identification (GFID) Nano-chips that the National Security Agency (NSA) had developed under the guise that Michael Thornton had invented the technology.

The technology was similar in nature to Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), however these Nano-chips had a much greater frequency range and the technology was microscopic in nature. What disturbed him the most however was the timestamp from when the file had been pulled. It indicated the author as Timur, and it had been accessed from his company’s primary server last night.

Having developed the world’s largest multinational video game and consumer electronics company with his bare hands, eight years ago CyberBolt Entertainment dominated and monopolized the entire gaming platform industry when they introduced their newest software that implemented a previously considered impossible technology called “Rotating Cleartext Encryption” (RCE). For the past decade, gaming hackers around the world seemed to disappear off the face of the planet. Timur’s RCE code had been labeled ‘unhackable’.

As an unexpected twist, this new RCE technology entirely crippled the directives of the NSA, thus forcing the US Government to adopt CyberBolt as a pseudo security agency. Meanwhile, several public outcries against the NSA’s more recent actions had also put them under heavy scrutiny. As a result, the US Government publicly announced that it would be dismantling the agency. Timur’s sources however told him that the message to the public had been a lie and that in truth the NSA had instead gone underground both literally and figuratively.

How much does Allan know?

He stood with his cane and approached the railing with a slight limp. Timur Demyan was both insidious and intelligent. After multiple mergers and acquisitions, he had created CyberBolt with hard work, multiple lawyers and a lifetime’s worth of deceit and treachery to rise above corporate America. Now that he was so close to accomplishing his most sinister of plans, nobody was going to stop him. Especially not an insignificant washout like Allan Young.

I can’t let this information get out. I’ve worked far too hard for this. I don’t care how many lives I have to take!

In a different time he was once a very powerful man in Persia where he was revered and simultaneously feared by thousands. Donned with the most expensive of apparel, his many conquests had caused the deaths of up to seventeen million people. He intended to conquer the whole of China as well, but just before he could make his move he was dragged away to another world.

I won’t let it happen again.

“Master Tamerlane?” his butler called out suddenly.

Timur cringed. He had always despised diminutive alterations of names, especially the modern form of his moniker ‘Timur the lame’.

“I thought I told you never to call me that!” he snapped.

“My apologies, your Holiness.” the butler bowed reverently, “Lily is here to see you.”

“Send her in.” he huffed as he pressed a button on his earpiece to turn off the projection.

He had initially hired Lily Thatcher nearly five years ago as a summer intern for his cryptology department. She was young, intelligent, and exceptionally attractive. After she had demonstrated her prowess and analytical skills, he offered her full time employment with the company. She graciously accepted, and had proven herself over the years through multiple promotions. Today, she now stood second in command of the company.

“Good morning.” Lily stepped out onto the patio and her eyes locked on to the thumb drive protruding from his earpiece, “Well, well. Would you look at that! I never knew you were a Star Wars fan?”

“Star wars?” a look of confusion crossed Timur’s face as he tightened his robe around him, “What’s that?”

She pointed, “Your thumb drive. It’s shaped like R2D2.”

“Oh, that.” he uncomfortably removed the earpiece and unplugged the thumb drive from the USB port, “It was a gift.”

After exchanging pleasantries, she launched into her report. She announced the company’s continual rise in stock values, recent mergers, and overall company wealth. As she began to droll over statistics and charts, Timur found himself drowning out her words as he took in her slender build. Once again he had become distracted by her alluring beauty.

“My, you look stunning this morning.” his mind refused to focus as he stared at her ample bosom.

She caught his eyes and stood abruptly, “Stop it Timur. We’ve been through this already.”

“Can you blame me?” he huffed, “You come here all dolled up, and really expect me not to notice? Come on now, Lily! I’m a man.”

Though he had attempted many times to lure Lily into a romantic relationship, he learned quickly that her intentions were strictly professional. This frustrated him to no end, for she seemed to be the one and only woman in the world who wasn’t attracted to him nor to his wealth.

“I’ll see you in the office.” she seethed as she turned off her projector.

“I’m sorry Lily.” he sighed, “Please continue.”

“Only on one condition.” her eyes narrowed, “Going forward you must keep your eyes locked on mine.”

“Are you really going to throw a fit over his?” he rolled his eyes.

She stared at him for a moment in decision and then slid an electronic tablet towards him, “This is the Jackson-Stanley merger. I need you to read over it for accuracy, and then sign the last page.”

Flipping to the back he signed it absently, “As thorough as you are, I’m confident that you already reviewed it for me.”

“Yes, I did.” she sighed in disapproval, “Do you want me to come back later? You seem rather distracted.”

“No, no. I’m fine.”

I just don’t know what to do about Allan.

Killing him was obviously out of the question. The moment the first bullet dislodged from his gun, Timur envisioned Lily crying into his shoulder seeking consolation. That dream however was suddenly aborted the instant he saw the silver aura of light enshroud his opponent and protect Allan from the attempt. Timur was seriously troubled by this new development, for he had been under the impression that only he possessed such powers, and that he was the last of the line of Seraphim.

Unless that pathetic old man lied to me.

Tucked away in his personal dungeon was an elderly man who had plagued his efforts his entire life. It was he who had obliterated Timur’s efforts to conquer the world. After dragging Timur away to the other world and trapping him there, the old man had returned to Timur’s empire in Persia and falsified his death. Soon thereafter, Timur’s eldest sons replaced him and corrupted his plans with their laziness and greed. It was many years before Timur managed to escape, and by then all of his efforts had gone to waste.

“Moving on,” she stammered, “Let’s review today’s agenda…”

“Actually, that reminds me.” he interrupted, “I need you to cancel my appointment with Allan.”

“But…” suddenly her face fell as she struggled to remain professional, “…I don’t think that’s wise.”

“Don’t even start with me.” he huffed, “You’re too close to this to have a true opinion.”

She stared at him indignantly.

“I know he’s a close friend of yours…”

“Boyfriend.” she corrected.

“Right.” he seethed.

“Like I said,” she continued, “I don’t think…”

“I’m not ready to sign the contract.” he interrupted, “I don’t feel right about it.”

She stared at him a moment, “And your reasoning is?”

“No reason.” he insisted.

“All right.” she steamed, “I’ll call and let him know.”

“Just leave the rest of the Daily Brief.” he insisted, “I’ll see you downstairs in the office later.”

With a look of utter consternation on her face, she stood without a word and stormed back into his penthouse.

“Don’t be so hot-headed, Lily!” he bellowed after her.

She slammed the door without another word.

© Copyright 2016 Richard M. Mulder, All rights reserved. Registration # TX0008281211


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